Our partners: industrial leaders, universities, governmental organisations, NGO's and new kids on the block

A partnership is all about the will to cooperate to achieve mutual goals. Both with the organisation but just as important with the people. We have partnered with established industrial companies, public organisations and innovative technology entrepreneurs – often the new kids on the block.
Biondoil finds pride in the growing number of high quality partnerships. People who share our vision and determination to find ways to stop climate change and create a better life for all. We inspire, motivate and challenge each other to strive for better than our individual best.

Below you will find a growing list of our partners describing themselves in their own words. We just added a few words why we cherish each of these partnerships.

Port of Antwerp

“This promising project will enable us to fulfil our pioneering role effectively. It demonstrates once again that collaboration is the key to creating a cluster-enhancing effect, with operational and innovative added value. If this common infrastructure can be delivered, it will benefit the entire industrial port community and make a useful contribution to the Flemish, Belgian and European climate objectives.”

Our new mission is clear: A Home port as a lever for a sustainable future. With this mission, the Antwerp Port Authority sets out the guidelines for its future. We are one with our values, and one with the world.


Chempolis Oy is a Finnish provider of ground-breaking biorefining technologies for energy, biofuel, oil, paper and chemical industries and companies. Chempolis’ FormicoBio™ technology enables the production of bioethanol, high quality pulps like dissolving pulp, cellulosic sugars, biochemicals and sulphur free lignin to be produced sustainably from all lignocellulosic raw materials.
The business model of Chempolis is to license biorefining. Biondoil has selected the FormicoBio™ fit for its biorefinery project.

"Chempolis’ biorefining processes are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize social benefits. Our green reach is global and our technologies offer a 30 percent better cash flow and a significantly shorter payback period than competition".


Technip FMC is a globally operating EPC company with multidisciplinary activities and knowledge. Technip FMC is the preferred EPC contractor and licensor for Chempolis technology and therefore already involved during the feasibility study for the project.
TechnipFMC participates in the design and development stages of the Port of Rotterdam Biondoil biorefinery.

"TechnipFMC is a global leader in the energy industry; delivering projects, products, technologies and services. With our proprietary technologies and production systems, integrated expertise, and comprehensive solutions, we are transforming our customers’ project economics".


“MetGen (Mastering Enzyme Technologies and Genetic Engineering) develops disruptive enzymatic products that enable significant efficiency improvements in the pulp and paper and biofuel industries. MetGen offers enzymatic solutions for the pre-treatment of a variety of lignocelullosic sources and enzymes that dramatically save energy at the refining step in the pulp and paper industry. In the advanced biofuel sector MetGen makes low cost lignocellulosic sugar production possible.”

Port of Amsterdam

“With our new strategy 2021-2025, we are taking our responsibility as a sustainable, economic engine for the region. After our decision on coal, in which we indicated that we no longer want to transship coal in the port after 2030, we are going a step further. By setting concrete goals for CO2 emissions, alternative fuels and non-fossil sales. In this way, we are actively steering towards a sustainable port complex.”

The Port of Amsterdam as the fourth largest port in Western Europe seeks to contribute to a sustainable world. A world for current and future generations in the region, the business community and shipping. The port plays an increasingly important role in the city and region’s metabolism. Like supply and disposal, the ‘roundabout’ of circular waste and resources, and the battery role for clean energy.

Port of Rotterdam Authority

“The objective of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to enhance the port’s competitive position as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex. Not only in terms of size, but also with regard to quality. The Port Authority is therefore leading the transition to sustainable energy and it is committed to digitalisation in order to make the port, and the supply chain, more efficient.”

The Port of Rotterdam is one of the leading ports in the world with a strong ambition to become a global leader in environmental industrial solutions that benefit all of the stakeholders within the port. They have embraced our project and our ambitions from the early start of our endeavour with finances, know-how and contacts.

Municipality of Rotterdam

“The scale of the challenges and the speed in which Rotterdam is tackling energy transition and sustainability requires innovative thinking and decisive action.”

The city of Rotterdam is a partner for us who challenges and inspires and also provides financial support in this phase.

Uniper Benelux

“What makes an energy company sustainable? A clear vision, strong relations with stakeholders, and a commitment to addressing adverse impacts transparently are key. But so is a willingness to adapt and, more importantly, to be a positive force for change. We call it “Generating Change”—inside our company, in the communities near our facilities, and along our value chain. We’re committed to deploying innovations that keep the energy supply secure and affordable while also protecting the earth’s climate. And doing what we can to promote better socio-economic conditions where we operate.”

Uniper is a main energy supplier within the Port of Rotterdam on the Maasvlakte. They too are challenged to look at their business model and assess their socio-economic impact. We have teamed with them to up to look into a co-siting concept in which we will use several of their utilities in exchange for a bio-based co-incineration product called lignin.

Onyx Power

“Onyx Power embraces a contemporary and committed vision consistent with total integration of sustainable development issues into its activities to the point where these become powerful drivers for business. Onyx Power makes it possible to seize a very real corporate positioning opportunity via commercial offerings that respond effectively to today’s environmental and social challenges. Although it is essential that economic, environmental and social considerations provide a unifying corporate thread, regardless of industry sector, the social role and purpose of companies must be the focus for careful consideration by major corporates. Their size, international presence and breadth of resources impose such a responsibility on these large-scale organizations.”

Onyx Power is also a main energy supplier within the Port of Rotterdam on the Maasvlakte. We are working with both energy suppliers for the same co-siting concept. To assess and validate the bio-refinery being built and operated on their respective sites and the mutually beneficial business model.

IV Group

“The bio-based economy promises new value chains, a competitive edge and a new playing field. Scaling-up bio-based processes and applications from a pilot plant to a full-scale plant has specific challenges. How do you successfully complete such a process? Iv-Industrie, provides coaching to ensure that innovation processes result in a convincing business case. A clear procedure supports the development of innovations from the R&D to the engineering phase in order to arrive at the appropriate scale.”

The IV Group is a highly experienced engineering company based in The Netherlands that shares our core value: make an impact on climate change through technologies. Together with our technology partners they evaluate, calculate and scrutinise the technologies we use.


“Depleting natural resources and the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions means that, more than ever, there‘s an urgent need for clean energy solutions that don’t cost the earth. However, when it comes to productivity and cost-efficiency, the biofuels industry has struggled to close the gap on traditional energy sources. As a leading innovator in the ethanol space, DSM was well placed to offer a solution.”

Royal DSM is a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. Fitting its mission & vision DSM has defined a strong ambition to contribute to the efforts of taking on climate change. Several of their core processes for the production and use of yeast and enzymes blend perfectly with our core biofuel and chemical technology to aim for better economics and an even better environmental impact.

TU Delft University of Technology

“TU Delft recognizes the imperative need to transition towards holistically sustainable systems, and this is underscored and omnipresent throughout research taking place within all the various faculties of the University. Furthermore, TU Delft accepts its responsibility to shine as a beacon of example, leading institutions and society alike in the pursuit of sustaining our planet.”

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”