Biomass and reforestation; how it works and our commitment
Biomass and reforestation; storyline work in progress

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"Creating a humane society through partnerships,
technologies and inclusion"

Who we are and what we do

Biondoil is the leading project development company for the build and operation of biobased refineries producing biobased chemicals and advanced biofuels for the automotive and aviation markets. We employ state-of-the-art technologies and integrate them into full scale biobased production facilities with an emphasis on sustainability, economics, flexibility and innovation.

We use waste biobased feedstock as our primary input for the entire production cycle. We fully understand the urgency to act on climate change. In doing so we have created partnerships across the entire value chain. We are fueling the established industry with the products they need to change their product mix toward circular and biobased. We are the driving force in manufacturing and technology acceleration that paves the road toward a circular (biobased) economy.

We are committed to align our business goals with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We strive to contribute to all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but our main focus will be on the sub goals as defined under the numbers 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 17.

The Biondoil business story; mission & vision in a nutshell

The core values of the BIONDOIL philosophy:
We want to be a stepping stone towards a better world by creating sustainable solutions for fundamental human needs such as clean drinking water, renewable energy and related values such as respect for nature and biodiversity.

We can’t cover everything. Our added value is our expertise in next generation development of sustainable renewable biofuels and chemicals to provide climate friendly energy solutions and living conditions for all. We focus on non-disruptive short to midterm circular processes to (help to) create these solutions.

Co-creation and co-production are essential to reach these goals. We need to be innovative, parties with different backgrounds need to share their knowledge to make it happen. We firmly believe in creating win-win solutions for the benefit of all.

Climate change and valuable living conditions for everyone are our primary drivers.
“Climate change is apparent and inspires us morally to change the way we use natural resources and to find sustainable alternatives. Today’s challenge for tomorrow is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced to halt climate change ….”.

Biondoil history & founders

Biondoil wants to be the world leader in the production of sustainable chemicals and fuels. Empowering local communities worldwide to thrive, enhancing knowledge and education, enforcing biodiversity and social inclusion. This vision was created by Dr Hennie Zirkzee MSc and Jos Kraaijeveld, the two founders back in 2013.

Biondoil management team

The last three years Biondoil expanded to become the team of today incorporating all needed skills and experience to make our dream reality. The Management Team consists of the following members:

Ivar Knopper (Chief Executive Officer)
Ivar is an investor and entrepreneur with leadership experience and proven successes in the capital markets, high-tech projects and the fin-tech and telecom industry. Ivar’s first investment in Biondoil was 6 years ago and acts as CEO since 2019.

Hennie Zirkzee (Chief Operations Officer)
After having designed, built, operated, lead and dismantled biodiesel and other complex and industrial plants for companies like GE, Eastman Chemicals and Glencore his first steps towards what has now become Biondoil, started 10 years ago with a very simple but profound idea: improve the climate on a global scale.

Jos Kraaijeveld (Chief Financial Officer)
An entrepreneur in finance. With a University education in finance and having worked as a banker in the 1990s, early 2000s Jos has started, owned and sold tax and family advisory firms and was one of the founders of Jos and Hennie met 9 years ago and have worked together on Biondoil ever since.

Paul Selders (Chief Climate Officer)
Paul has extensive management experience in project development, renewable technologies and international sales in the biomass to energy sector. He was a Managing Director of several Pon entities, managing companies in renewable energy business and trading. The last 10 years he structured and operated new biomass supply lines for utilities taking care of ecosystems and social environments he works in. Paul joined Biondoil 5 years ago.

Flip Wegner (Chief Digital/Design/Data Officer)
Flip started his professional career at Philips Corporate Design and Philips Advanced Development as industrial designer. It resulted in becoming interaction design / user experience pioneer and co-founder of the internationally renowned design consultancy Eden / EdenSpiekermann. A fantastic mind with vital expertise in strategic thinking, corporate branding, (digital) communication as well as strategic consulting and critical thinker. Flip joined Biondoil 2.5 years ago.

For more information about our current set of business models: