Liquid CO2 as a new source of energy and Biondoil; a business model in a business model

Our bio-ethanol refinery produces apart from the main product bio-ethanol also a.o. lignine and liquid CO2

We will (re)use liquid CO2 in two ways:
- Liquid CO2 can be distributed to greenhouse horticulture in the Rotterdam region ('het Westland') to be used as fertilizer to grow vegetables.
- Liquid CO2 will be the source for other Biondoil transformation processes resulting in methanol and formic acid. Both methanol and formic acid can be used as a basis for alternative renewable fuels instead of fossil fuels. But also other usage such as bio-coatings in the maritime sector or solvent products are applicable.

This way we really create circular processes with one business model leading to the other (1+1=3). At the same time each business model also will be valid in it's own right.

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