The next stepping stones

Progress is made all the time but sometimes a major step in a short timespan gives a boost to business models. Our first strategy to start with the production of biobased fuels and gradually expand our concept to include the production of biobased chemicals was based on the assumption biobased chemicals routes would take about 3 to 5 years to develop towards a production level. This last year we were able to develop a biochemicals route which needs no more realization time compared to the biofuels route. This enhances are potential and flexibility enormously. As a result this led to the Port of Antwerp Nextgen District opportunity > For more information about the NextGen District plans at the Port of Antwerp:

Diversification of our product portfolio will yet again open up opportunities creating partnerships and environmental value chains.

We see CO2 and lignin as valuable commodities and useful input for a sustainable production process. For the future we also look at producing renewable resources like algae. We embrace the technologies and more importantly the people that will enable us to continuously reinforce our business and simultaneously create a better climate.
In the long run Biondoil wants to be an employer for young and experienced people alike that share our vison and determination. Who want to make an impact on changing our climate for the better with smart ideas and an eye for others.
Biondoil lives by the words: Be the first, be the smartest and be fair.

Biomass what and how; feedstock for 2nd generation biofuel or biochemical refineries

Biomass as a replacement for the use of fossil fuels is a trending topic in the climate change discussion. Myths and facts ranging from "each harvested tree is a stepping stone to the destruction of the earth" to biomass is "the solution" in our struggle to get control in managing CO2 reduction / the climate heating process. Interested in a weighed perspective about biomass?: read our more detailed insight in biomass explained.

For more information about our other business models (next to our biofuels and biochemicals business models):