Bio energy cell; how it works

The bio energy cell transforms bio-ethanol into electricity by means of a chemical process. Apart from electricity this process results in liquid CO2 which is captured in a seperate reservoir. The electricity powers a set of electro motors.
Instead of current fossil fuel powered vehicles and electric cars the bio energy cell equiped vehicles are truly near emission zero. Once on the road electric cars by itself do not emit CO2 and NOx (Nitrogin Oxide), however the electricity extracted from the power grid can be produced from polluting raw materials such as coal. Also the manufacturing of electric cars does need non-replacable minerals and results a. o. in polluting ion-lithium batteries which at the moment are difficult to recycle.
And then there's the ERO(E)I ( Energy Return On (Energy) Investment) aspect:
For the current fossil fuel based car it takes 100 liter non-renewable crude oil to result in 5 liter fuel at the gas station: a chilling figure of 5%! Electric cars on the avarage reach a number between 15 and 25%. The bio energy cell sets the bar at 45%. On top of that based on fully renewable sources!

Apart from emissions, use of non-replaceable precious minerals also needed for other purposes and costs there's the issue of convenience. Electric cars still suffer from high purchase costs, low action radius and inconvenient charging of the car. The bio energy cell based car combines an excellent action radius up to 1,5 times compared to fossil fuel cars (let alone electric cars) with a similar charging experience: you tank at the gas station costing you the same amount of time as a fossil fuel car. A special nozzle inserts bio-ethanol into the car and extracts at the same time the liquid CO2 from the car's reservoir. The liquid CO2 is collected for further processing into bio based products.

The bio energy cell will change not only our 'on the move' part of life but will also change our energy consumption pattern (and quality of life) in parts of our 'at work' and 'at home' routines.
Two examples: the generator we use for those circumstances where we are off the power grid but want or need electricity to keep our devices running, and the way we heat and cool our homes.
The bio energy cell based generator does not emit any gasses and on top of that comes with a zero noise level (0 decibel!). Imagine this when using a generator at a camp site, on your boat or in a closed working environment.
Another application is the bio energy cell based central heating boiler; 100% emission free and no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning anymore. Imagine a completely silent cooling system - how cool is that!

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